Assam Silk Tour

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Assam Silk Tour

Sualkuchi, NorthEast India 8 Rating

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Culture & Shopping Experience   Sualkuchi Tour   NorthEast

This is your perfect getaway to an eclectic trip through this trail of golden silk found only in this part of the world. Seek the beaten path to explore the textiles, history and culture of Assam. As the day starts we pick you up from your hotel and drive an hour to this silk village in Assam, situated on the north bank of the mighty Brahmaputra. Also known as one of the world’s largest weaving villages. You will be visiting local looms to explore the indigenous craft practiced by the locals. The Golden Silk, found only in this part of the world is just an experience how it is produced to create some of the most beautiful local attires here. Do not miss an opportunity to pick up some the pure silk clothes from the villagers itself. We will surely make one more stop at a museum dedicated to the weaving culture of this village. Later we drive back to drop you off at the hotel.

Assam Silk is expensive depending on the design and the silk used, so make sure you ask the weaver or the seller about it. They will be honest to you and they are the best to know. Enjoy this beautiful laid-back weaver village where at times you will only hear sounds of the shuttle from the looms.



Hindi, Assamese, English

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