Miss that beat in your heart and keep it alive while you take the aid of gravity into the blue skies of Dubai. Shoot down at a speed of over 200 km/hr over the breathtaking views of the Palm Jumeirah and the Dubai Marina. Okay this is an added experience to your visit to the South East Coast of the Persian Gulf. Do not miss your chance to take a stroll at the Dubai Food and Shopping Festival while you make your trip during Jan-Feb-March. This experience is all yours for this lifetime for sure.

JUMP – Bungee in New Zealand

Local food and local wine is an all inclusive indulgence to any land you travel, but when your legs are tied for a moment with a large elastic cord, you bungee jump in New Zealand. Reclaim that thrill you had as a child and give this experience a try – free fall and rebound. Enjoy this organised commercial sport with the pioneers of jumpers in this beautiful country of Maoris. Join us on this journey and this sure is your ticket to satisfy your adventurous soul.

MARINE DIVES – Snorkelling and Scuba in the Andamans

Love the sea and the beaches? Welcome to the beautiful quiet islands of Andaman and Nicobar in India’s Bay Of Bengal. Witness the palm lined white sand beaches and the mangroves in this rain forested interiors. Plunge into the sea to see the beautiful reefs, the rarest corals and the enchanting water life. Don’t you worry if you don’t know how to swim, there will be proper gear and guidance all throughout. And in the end you will realise coming out of Ringo’s Octopus Garden.

A mind stretched by new experience can never go back to its old dimensions

Travel. Learn. Grow


Experience this perfection in the stunning barrenness of the desert landscape and the exquisite beauty around you to take over all your senses. The night sky like a blanket of stars invites you to reach out to galaxies and distant worlds. Located between Jodhpur and Jaisalmer, well off the tourist trail in the remote Thar Desert this resort adds a point of difference to a tour of Western Rajasthan. This resort has 18 stylishly appointed cottages decorated in royal Rajasthan style, a swimming pool to beat the desert heat and sweeping views around you. One amongst just a few luxury resorts in the world situated on top of a nearly 100 foot high sand dune. You have an opportunity to visit local craftsmen and artisans in their own homes. Every evening Mother Nature displays her artists palette of pastels and burnt orange in a gorgeous display before the bonfire is lit and guests are entertained with traditional Rajasthan music. Come, experience this for yourself!!


Spend time in these close quarters of the moving house boats on Kerala’s backwaters. There cannot be a better way to enrich oneself with life of the people of the land of this immensely rich state in South of India. We give you this in immense comfort of our two River cruise boats – Sauver Nigam (2 cabins on twin sharing basis) and Vaikundam (9 cabins on twin sharing basis). Rated the first ECO-Friendly boats in the back waters by Ministry of Tourism, Govt of Kerala and also awarded the Golden Palm award in recognition of the same.  Palm fringed narrow canals winding through the vast expanse of paddy fields are panoramic un-forgettable experiences. Be wowed by the exquisite cuisine lovingly prepared by our chef, totally traditional Kerala flavour with the local specialties. Explore the backwaters of Kerela in its best boats !!!


Couple of friends and a lazy weekend, do not miss this when you find yourself in Majuli, the river island on the mighty Brahmaputra. This resort is charming and rustic in nature and the cottages face green fields and flowers in bloom. Witness the standstill moment while you enjoy the lovely ambience along with the flowing Brahmaputra. You will be greeted with numerous sights of fishing activity along the river, people cycling around the island and a Mishing village few meters away. Live this bohemian dream along with some exquisite traditional Assamese food. Fresh organic vegetables are at abundance and you will never miss that opportunity. Enjoy nothing else, just peacefulness !!

Life can only take place in the present moment. If we lose the present moment, we lose life. ~

Gautama Buddha


Bhutan has one of the tallest Buddha statues in the world, well that’s not the only reason you would travel to Bhutan. Explore this country which has a long tradition of colourful religious festivals throughout the year although the dates vary each year as per the lunar calendar. Make visits to these spiritual events mostly performed by monks in brilliant costumes accompanied by blaring horns, booming drums, and clashing cymbals as they whirl and leap around the temple courtyard. Witness the wrathful and compassionate deities, heroes, demons, and animals. Enjoy this beautiful country from scenic to cultural hikes, your one stop which you will never regret, savour this joy of this mystical small country.

** extensions with Brahmaputra cruises available **


Nepal is a mecca for adventure lovers as it boasts eight of the ten highest peaks in the world. The thrill and beauty of trekking in Nepal are directly proportional to elevation. This is because as you ascend higher the nature starts to reveal her latent magnificence, relatively honest and candid natives are encountered and many forms of pollution start to almost disappear. With its ancient culture and the Himalayas as a backdrop, the culture of Nepal is synonymous with its festivals. Scenery to rival anywhere else on Earth, a breath-taking gamut of culture and ancient tradition, palette-expanding cuisine, a land of adventure and a people of gentle grace await those willing to open their minds to Nepal. Prepare for your senses to be captured forever on a trip not to be forgotten. Make this immortal trip without a thought!!

** extensions with Brahmaputra cruises available **

Kingdom of Wonder – Cambodia

Most travellers visit the must see sights in a couple of days, then head off to their next destination. Well that would be a mistake to do if you land up in Cambodia. Offbeat yes, explore the sensational ruins of Angkor, the secluded beaches, the charming villages and the magical local markets. Steal the quite moments to absorb the rich cultural significance of Angkor Wat. Packed streets of tuk tuks, motorbikes and cars will push you soon to the country side, just across the Mekong River. Find yourself in villages amongst fruit farms, cows and paddies while you lie peaceful in the Kandal Province. From Bamboo Train rides to cruise on Tonle Sap to sharing a drink at the Foreigner’s correspondents club to tasting a spider and a grasshopper, Cambodia will offer you host of experiences worth experiencing!!!

** extensions with Vietnam, Thailand, Laos available **