1.LAOS – It’s the bun festival time in Laos, the unfairly ignored Southeast Asian sister, and also the end of the good-weather period, before the heat and the rain start up. Try and go in time for the Wat Phou Festival, held at the Wat Phou ruins in Champasack. Expect buffalo fights, cock fights, elephant races and traditional song and dance.

2.RIO, BRAZIL – The carnival is getting bigger each year and features scads of events. To get an insider’s perspective of what goes in the Samba festival, get in touch with someone from the neighborhood Samba club.

3.VANCOUVER, CANADA – Though February doesn’t seem like a good time to be in Canada, it certainly is great for some winter adventure. Grouse Mountain, a ski resort close to the city hosts special activities like sunset snowshoeing, midnight ice-skating, sunrise zip lining and a torch relay.