1.AUSTRALIA – The Australian winter is lovely – this huge varied country offers plenty for everyone. Melbourne and its surrounds are great for winter food and winter sports and the Great Ocean Road has terrific whale-watching. Its wildflower season in Western Australia and overall an interesting time to visit.

2.ICELAND – Get your coffee and stay up all night – if the sun can do it, why can’t you. The midnight-sun months are fantastic in this amazing surreal country and it’s fairly warm, even by the water.

3.SAN FERMIN, SPAIN – Run with the bulls, but if you have families that awaits your return, just go and watch. A perfect time to be in Spain.

4.SAN JUAN ISLANDS, USA – These islands in the Pacific Northwest have a bunch of orcas (killer whales) that makes several appearances in summertime. The islands are also known for their wild, unspoilt beauty and are home to porpoises, seals, sea lions and bald eagles.

5.NEW ZEALAND – South Island is the place to go if you like snow, craggy landscapes and excellent beer and wine. Take a driving trip that takes in the glaciers at Franz Josef, the skiing at Wanaka and the adventure sports town of Queenstown. Also try the east coast, which has a bleak, end of the world feeling during winter and New Zealand’s capital, Wellington, which buzzes with plays and concerts.