1.PARIS, FRANCE – This is for serious culture junkies; the chilly, wet weather makes this a great time to head to the museums. You get a great deal on hotels and flights too.

2.BAJA, CALAFIRNIA, AND MEXICO – Every year, hundreds of whales arrive in this warm bay to mate and give birth- go on a full days’ whale watching tour and then slop off for a tequila or two, with a twist of lime.

3.DUBLIN, IRELAND – The St. Patrick’s Day Festival in Dublin held from March 14th – 18th, is a meaningful event. It includes a parade, a craft beer festival and plenty of traditional music and dance.

4.LAMBART’s BAY, SOUTH AFRICA – Kreeffee’s Festival, held from March 22nd – 24th at Lambert’s Bay , features plenty of gorging on fresh crayfish, concerts by South African rock musicians, a half marathon bungee-jumping, beer tents and more.