1.NORTHERN LIGHTS – November is a great time to go: the aurora borealis is easily visible in the 24-hour darkness of winter, and it isn’t as bitterly cold as it can be in deep winter. Good places to go are Sweden’s Arctic region, Tromso in Norway and Alaska.

2.ZAMBIA – Everyone’s heard of the annual Serengeti/Maasai Mara animal migration, but Zambia has a great one of its own: the wildebeest thunder, dance and occasionally trip over their own legs on the Liuwa Plains. There’s also the rest of this less-famous African country to explore, not least its surprisingly fast-paced capital, Lusaka.

3.OMAN – A good time to visit: it starts to get cooler, but there aren’t too many visitors at this point. Go for dramatic mountain and desert scenery, forts, ancient villages and the vast Wahiba Sands desert.

4.BURMA – The rainfall is at its lowest ebb from November to February, and the heat is less sticky than usual.

5.ROCCA CANTERANO, ITALY – Yes Italy is even more interesting than we thought; the festival of the Horned One, Festa del Cornutto, in a town called Rocca Canterano, near Rome, features parades, actors and satirical compositions on the whole ugly business of betrayals and bust-ups. Go celebrate a break-up!