1.NINGALOO REEF, AUSTRALIA – The Great Barrier Reef is much more famous, but Western Australia has a great counterpart, Ningaloo Reef, where you can swim with mantra rays and turtles, and watch out for mammoth humpback whales, which visit between June and November.

2.MADAGASCAR – This wonderful island, with a culture as rich and quirky as its lemurs, is best visited during this cooler period, though the central highlands can be chilly. The west and southwest are excellent at this time, but expect rain in the northeast.

3.GREECE – The European school holidays are over by September, so the crowds are thinning, the weather is cooler and the sunsets are fantastic at this time, so it’s a great time to visit the Greek Islands.

4.THE CARIBBEAN – The islands closest to Venezuela, including the Netherlands Antilles, Grenada, Curaco and Trinidad and Tobago, are good to visit, the hurricane season has already passed.